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Nourish Your Neshama?

When thinking of how to move forward with nutrition and the world around me I decided to do two things. Isolate what I have found to be nutrition needs in the community, and to look inside myself to see what I am most passionate about in the field of nutrition. 

Here it is. I have found it. Nourishing Neshamas. Neshama the Hebrew word for soul, has been on my mind for the best word to characterize how I plan on aiding those around me in the path of health. We so often think about our bodies as purely physically, yes it is true through physical exercise and determination a body in the physical sense can be in a great state of health. BUT, there are other contributing factors.

Such as, how do we train our will power? How do we continuously make decisions that are on the path of health? How do we react when we make a choice that from the outset is "not healthy?" We need to be able to incorporate our whole being on the path to health. Our mind, body, and soul are so interconnected. To only pursue health from a purely physical standpoint would be a disservice to ourselves and will not be a fruitful and lasting endeavor. 

This is why we use the language of a "lifestyle choice" and leading a "healthFUL life." Because it is through engaging the mind, body, and soul that we can really be in a position to make a lasting change. Knowledge is power and can lead us to live a life full of health in every regard.

But you have to want it. You have to be open to discussion, conversation, learning and know that it will lead to a better and more healthful YOU!

2018: When will the fads end?