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Nutrition on the Go!

It's that time of year, we have officially made it to the half-way point of the school year! Having up coming trips, vacations, business ventures, or just being an "on-the-go" kind of person may be something that you can identify with. 

But here's the question- how do we ensure proper nutrition every step of the way? You may be surprised or you might have intuited it, but the reality is our key to success is...preparation. Most think that TIA means "thanks in advance," but for our purposes it can be better related to "thinking in advance." Just as with every big decision in our lives we weigh pros and cons and make a plan of action - taking our health seriously is no different. 

When preparing for any sort of travel or just being out of the house from 1 hour - 8 hours, we need to have a plan. We need to TIA (think in advance). You deserve it, your body deserves it, and so does your health. 

  • Staying hydrated is key! Take a water bottle.
  • Will there be a meal time? Pack portable food.
  • You will most definitely need a snack. Take one or two things that can fit in your bag.

Typically, our least proud moments in our food choices are when we are so hungry we can't possibly wait till we think of an idea for dinner. Why? Because we are hungry now! Therefore, having a plan of action and thinking in advance will enable us to be prepared for all scenarios.

I know a lot of these ideas sound nice on paper. You might even be thinking, "easier said than done." However, face the truth - no one said taking your health seriously was an easy process, but practicing and continuing to put forth effort makes it possible.

Here are some suggestions if you are on the go:

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In future posts we will share insights to easy recipes and how to plan out a week in terms of food and meals. But, we should all start with giving our body what it needs and deserves: food when we are hungry and water when we are thirsty. A wise Mother once told me, "don't leave the house without a snack!" and you know what? She was right. Each and every time I thought, "oh it'll just be an hour..." traffic happens, long lines happen, and then your hungry without out even a smidgen of food in your bag.  And possibly very far away from the nearest convenience store. So, using our planning skills, let's all commit to more TIA when it comes to our health and nutrition. 

As we say here at Nourishing Neshamas, "we try to make nutrition a forethought not an afterthought!"

Have a super week!

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