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2018: When will the fads end?

It's truly fascinating to me. Every year new fads and trends are assessed from everything to clothing, style, home remodeling and food. Just when you thought, that there is no possible way that something new can be "in" this year- it comes out of no where!

Consuming activated charcoal, eating clean, and juicing are just a couple fads that stuck out to me the most. WHY might you ask?? Beginning with activated charcoal, which has been around for a long time. In fact, it used to be used as a remedy for poisoning. BUT that in no way means that it is the be all, end all, and cure all. It does have the ability to help the body remove toxins, but to have it daily or to any extreme could be dangerous. Simply put, there is not enough research to prove the benefits and safety of consistent consumption.

Eating clean- yes it does sound nice. I also like to make sure that my area is clean and tidy when I will be eating a meal. BUT, this is referring to the food being clean. If that is the case, does that mean that all other food is dirty?? Who determines what food is clean and what is dirty? Either way this would not be a positive message to attach to any sort of eating. Think about young children or consumers who might pick up this negative message. Rather I'd like to suggest the phrase of eating simply. Now that makes more sense! Because we all know that once we can't understand the ingredients on the food label, food can become complicated - not dirty, just complicated.

Juicing- have you seen the bumper stickers? I also love a good glass of juice. However, to think that consuming juice as a replacement for meals is not a nutritionally sound decision. Juicing can certainly enhance your intake of fruits and vegetables, but only in conjunction with proper meals. It's a choice to drink it and to "juice," but it should not be a way of life. 

There is a lot to be said about the fads that keep on coming, but what I want to share with you is something that surprised me the most

In 2018, consumers are more savvy. They dislike misleading labels, and are on a hunt for products that are truthful in their advertisements. Ploys such as calling chips "cholesterol free" (there is no way for corn/potato, vegetable oils, and salt to have cholesterol). Or calling Fritos or Mac & Cheese "organic" (organic is a farming practice not a way to describe the healthiness or naturalness of a product) are confusing consumers less and less. 

Knowledge is power. The power to make informed decisions. To always be the one choosing what you want to put in your body. The more informed consumers can be, the more choices and decisions we all can make based on facts. There is no food that is "dirty" rather a commitment to moderation will be what keeps us on the path of health.

Here's to a 2018 (and a continued 5778) that will enable us to see through the confusing advertisements, misleading labels, and "fads" to eat and truly enjoy what will help us Nourish our Neshamas.  

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