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What is Success?

I have been pondering the meaning of success this week. What does it look like? It is the same for everyone? In different genres does it mean something different? Will it have a smell? Can I know it when I see it? Is it even something I can see??

Yes, yes, and yes. Those are my answers, and no, I’m not a “yes man.” Success is a loose term referring to an achievement of a goal in a specified area. So are we successful? The answer is YES.

If you can identify and name an area of life where you achieved a goal (small OR big) you have reached success. As an example, I was thrilled this week when I remembered to greet the nice cashier by name and to look him in the eye as we carried a conversation (see more of that here). That would most definitely be a success. How about this for another example - I voted and performed my civil duty = a success.

You see, although one might think success has to be some complicated equation of doing x + y(z-2)…in order to yield the wanted result it is actually a lot simpler. If we are able to hone in on our daily successes (no matter the “size”) we will be a lot happier, increase our quality of life, and on top of that be more driven to do more and achieve more.

In light of this weeks events around the world and in our own communities let us see how much successes we have already and choose just one more area to achieve in. It can be with your health and being mindful about eating at a particular meal, it can be in your interactions with others and remembering to smile, or even being totally present and aware when driving to and from work. The choice is yours and the success is up to you!

With blessings for b’sorot tovot,


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