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Stuffed? Let’s “Gut” This Figured Out!

Turkey day has happened. We have all begun to wind down from our wonderful day filled with family, friends, food and thanksgiving. And what comes after is the annual black Friday followed by the weekly Shabbat.

In short, there will be quite a few food focused events this week. And that can leave us feeling rather stuffed…so what do we do? Besides thinking of how to possibly make different decisions next time these events roll around, what can we do in the present to aid our poor stomach working overtime?

I want to present to you a few recommendations to really “gut” this figured out!

1)      This evening consider drinking a glass of peppermint tea. With its known ability to soothe indigestion—anyone with discomfort can have their body be put more at ease with this powerful herb. However, if you are experiencing heart burn stay away from peppermint this time because it is not beneficial for discomfort in the upper GI area.

2)      Drink your water! The number one key element in good digestion is having enough water to enable everything (the good and the bad!) to pass through your system. Optimal digestion can only be achieved with normal fluid intake roughly about 2.7 liters a day (around 11 ½ cups).

3)      Rise and shine oatmeal! Oatmeal with its fiber filled properties will certainly give your body a digestive boost. Its a balancing act to take part in since oatmeal is a complex food that can assist in balancing blood sugar levels.

4)      Probiotics are your FRIENDS. Cultured and fermented probiotics such as select dairy items or fermented vegetables (kimchi/pickles) will increase the presence of beneficial bacteria. This will further enable the digestive process as this “good bacteria” will aid in the breakdown of food and restoring the much needed good bacteria/bad bacteria equilibrium our gut strives for.

5)      Get on a roll and go for a stroll! Let gravity be on your side and give your stomach the chance to empty in your waking hours. Going for a stroll or a leisurely walk will give your stomach a chance to get ahead on its digestive tract! Especially with REIs initiative to #optoutside tomorrow, make sure to capitalize on the opportunity of experiencing some fresh air!

Happy Digesting and Shabbat Shalom,


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