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Container Crisis

Gadgets, gizmeos, gimeks… I do my best not to fall for them. But I like them. They are pretty much every minimalist’s worst nightmare, a maximalist’s dream, and an essentialist’s hardest test.

In a consumer industry driven by a mission to make people’s lives easier - we always have to make sure each purchase we make is simplifying our life, not complicating it.

I’ll admit it, I have an avocado saver, a tea keeper, and three types of to-go mugs. But it pretty much stops there. Every two weeks I evaluate what is in my cabinets. Has it been used? If not, why? And then it gets two more weeks to “prove itself.” If it doesn’t past the trial time it moves on to a different home that will appreciate it more.

So as you can imagine, there are more than a hundred different ways to make things in the kitchen and outside the kitchen easier. We ended last week discussing how to create the best plane travel experience. Now I want to share with you some tips to ensure you are meeting your nutritional needs when you are out and about.

In general, we try to be conscience of waste in our home - as a result we always opt for reusable products when applicable. First on the list is a water bottle. There are plenty of variations for everyone: one handed drinking, the gulp, with a straw, wide mouth with a splash guard, BPA free plastic, metal, glass, collapsible, and more. Having a reusable water bottle is your first step to ensuring you are drinking enough throughout the day and staying hydrated. When we are tired our body can often confuse the need to eat with the need to drink because in reality we need more sleep!

I’m sure some of us don’t have this issue (Hashem should bless you with good sleep for the rest of your life!) but those of us who do have this issue, I always recommend having a drink first before eating. This will give you the time to check in with your body and your needs. Chances are you were thirsty anyways!

I personally have only left the house twice without my water bottle…I don't really like to talk about it so much, it was rough!

Next item to take when you leave the house is a snack! Of course if you plan to be out during your lunch time it is best to keep to regular meal times to keep yourself regulated. Overall this helps contribute to learning and listening to your body’s natural hunger and fullness ques. However, we have all been there when we plan on making a quick stop, just running in to return one item, dashing to pick up carpool…and then it turns into a two hour endeavor! Believe me I know it’s frustrating - but then let’s say you didn’t have time to eat lunch yet, you left your lunch at work, or you planned to be home in time to eat….but your stranded. A snack, otherwise known as:




Crucial (to)


can mean the difference between enjoying the moment or turning into a hangry state of not having your needs met. As you’ll see more I’m all about prevention. And if we can prevent the latter and ensure your happiness let’s do that and plan ahead to have a snack on hand.

Here’s where we get back to our container crisis- how do we take our snack along? These are some qualities I am looking for:

  • Durability, it needs to last in my bag - even if it gets stepped on or thrown to the floor.

  • Leak-proof, there is no way I am going to be able to hold it right-side-up the whole day, it cannot by any means leak.

  • Compact, big enough to hold my snack but not taking up all the extra space in my bag.

  • Easy to clean, with trying to limit waste and not always reach for the plastic bag it better be easy to clean!

Besides the ease of taking an apple along (it is hard, durable, compact, and easy enough to clean!) I might want other options. Some of my personal favorites are: egg + avocado wrap, peanut butter + apple, hummus + carrots/pretzels, make your own trail mix, bag of crunchy veggies (think celery, peppers, cucumbers, radishes), leftovers from last night’s dinner!

With container options it really is more of a choose your own adventure depending what it is you want to take along. But remember balancing the ease of use with making sure that it simplifies your life will ensure that you are making the right choice and not building up a collection.

Have a Shabbat Shalom,

Spice it Up 2019!

Happy Trekking!