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Why we don't have a microwave and are surviving...

When we have friends or guests over for the first time the most commonly asked question about our kitchen is..."where is your microwave? Why would you NOT have one??"

There it is, I spilled our secret. We don't have a microwave and in fact, don't plan to buy one. And no - I wasn't raised on a farm in the boonies without electricity. Like most of us I was raised in America, specifically in South Florida, we definitely had electricity- except for when some category 5 hurricanes came around.  

But I want to be clear, there can be many reasons for not having a microwave, but I want you to know which camp I'm in. There are a lot of kinds of waves in our world and some people feel that food cooked in a microwave is not fit for consumption and is harmful to a person's health. However, our reason for not using microwaves boils down to something much simpler. Making nutrition and meals a forethought not an afterthought.

Microwaves add a lot of conveniences to our lives - no one can deny that. But I would like to suggest that unless they are used in the right way, they can add a handful of crutches as well. 

Think about all the times you use your're in a pinch and need to whip up something fast, you just came home and are so hungry you need to eat NOW, it's that time of night where you just NEED a brownie mug or some popcorn. 

Mentioned above are all instances where there is a need or desire, and the only thing to do is to fulfill that need in the fastest way possible! But, what if we take a step back and think about these rushed decisions and how they impact us and our lives. Making a last minute food choice or acting on impulse doesn't afford us the opportunity to strongly consider our options. In fact, it doesn't give our brain the time to process what our body might be telling us about what we actually need or want. With a microwave it all just happens so fast. That again is the greatest benefit, but the greatest challenge. 

In our decision not to include a microwave in our daily lives I wanted to accomplish two goals. 

1) I wanted meals and food consumption to be given the importance it deserves. It takes thought and preparation just as much as anything else we care about in our life. 

2) To ensure that in the process of cooking, warming up food, or preparing the next meal there is time built in to think about "is that what I really want right now, is this what my body needs?"

Only when we have that "space" that "gap" of time to mull over our tentative food choice are we able to catch up with our brain and hear what it is that our body really needs. Not to mention the invaluable lesson it can teach to children that things are not instantaneous and nutrition packed food sometimes does mean waiting 10 to 15 minutes. 

Life moves fast and there is so much that we need to keep up with. Let's be sure that not only are we keeping up with our family, relationships, work, school, home-life, errands, and tasks - but that we take the time to keep up with what our body really needs and give our brains the space for us to receive the message! 

Below are some tips and benefits for your convenience.

Heating food when a microwave isn't present:

a. Use a toaster oven or regular oven.

b. Take a thermos to work!

c. Steam or simmer your food.

Benefits to You:

a. No microwave explosions to clean up!

b. Potentially more counter space.

c. Say goodbye to the mishap of rubbery microwaved food.

d. Say hello to more home cooked meals!

Shabbat Shalom!

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