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Welcome to my blog. I share thoughts and facts all about food, nutrition, and living a healthful life. I hope to see you around!

I seem to have a lot of realizations at Trader Joe’s, but if that’s my go to grocery store- why would it happen any place else? Last week while checking out from my weekly shop, I was conversing with a “crew member.” She mentioned that after January 1st the store would be less busy and go back to normal, but then quickly corrected herself saying that with all the new year resolutions they were actually going to be sold out of particular items like: kale, spinach, and anything else that looks or sounds healthy. She went on to say that around February the store calms down and purchases get back to “normal” or at least whatever normal means.


Can you believe it? I was shocked. Not because we don’t all know this is a “post-new-years-thing” but more that stores can predict it to a science, even when we may not have figured it out.

How do you view new years? As a time for resolutions? Reflections? Fresh starts?

We are very blessed that with each new month on the Hebrew Calendar we get that chance with the birth of the new moon. But when it comes to January 1st it is the only time where the rest of the world can experience that excitement too. (Not to mention you need to change the year when you date checks, papers, cards, and letters).

I think that this secular year should be different. Not because last years resolutions didn’t work out. But rather because you are different than you were one year ago. You have had more experiences, challenges, and growth that has crafted and shaped you into the you reading this today. So lets run with it. Look inside, take an accounting of your mind, body, and neshama (spirit). Where are you? Where do you want to go? Who is the you that you want to be? Those are big questions…but it doesn’t stop there. Chose something, anything but make sure it is small. All though we all have big dreams and goals we have to start with small steps.

  • You want to have more vegetables in your life? Great, start by making sure every Tuesday you have vegetables at lunch and dinner.

  • Are you looking to eat more varied flavors or are you bored of your current cooking? No problem, every Thursday (or Friday night) choose a new recipe to try. If it works add it to the repertoire!

  • Mid-week stir-crazy setting in? Get movin’ that’s right- choose a time to start moving once a week. Could be exercise at a gym, a walk or run in nature, a round of jumping jacks + planks, the choice is yours. But having your brain clear of the sedentary fog will work wonders for your productivity and happiness!

  • Do you often get dehydrated? Sounds like carrying a water bottle around might be your best bet. But even that might be daunting. So start with drinking 6-8oz of water right when you wake up in the morning. Your body will thank you.

  • Between lunch and dinner are you still feeling ravenous? This is the perfect opportunity to try out a “sustainer snack.” That’s right, the kind that fills you up with something nourishing and still leaves you hungry for dinner at the right time. On Monday and Tuesday try out a different snack and see how you feel to know which works better. Everyone’s body is different, some might need a larger snack while others might just need a fruit or vegetable. (examples - yogurt + nuts or fruit, fruit/vegetable with a nut butter, cracker/pretzels with avocado, or a smoothie)

  • “Am I finished with my lunch again syndrome?!?” - That moment where you were excited to sit down and eat your meal…however, without you noticing it literally disappeared and you don’t recall eating it. The antidote? Mindfulness. I know easier said than done. But in the interest in choosing an attainable goal start with one meal a week. Let’s say on Wednesdays have a meal where you are choosing to be present, on purpose, with you and your food. Think about your chewing, notice the taste, and you’ll be amazed at how body will communicate with you when you are full.

Choose something, anything, and the reward of achieving your goal will be sweet enough to set you on the continued path of healthful living. To put a spin on the world famous quote - one small step for your achievable goal will lead to one giant leap for your mind, body, and neshama (spirit).

L’chaim to a wonderful 2019 and Shabbat Shalom,

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