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Is a Regular Regimen the Key to Success?

What’s your schedule look like? Do you have a routine? You know there’s an app for that right?! Wouldn’t it be easier if you just set a reminder? Everything is on my phone don’t worry about it!

It’s all in the routine. Or is it?

Since childhood we had adults tell us what to do and where to go. Sometimes you would adhere to what they would say, sometimes you would put up a fight, and still more other times you’d listen but have a different commentary running in your head.

But let me ask you this- Now as an adult…has anything really changed? Are you better off listening (or not listening) to yourself then the age old routines of teeth brushing and showers before bed and stories and songs before you drift off to sleep?

Here’s why this is important and can make all the difference in your life on a daily basis. As kids we are inculcated with a set schedule. That timetable and routine helps children to achieve the most growth and exploration when they are fed, loved, and rested. Now here’s the trajectory - as we get older we begin to be MORE responsible for ourselves. That leads to setting our own mealtimes and bedtimes. Why? Simply because we have more responsibilities (i.e. homework, a home, jobs, families).

The hope is that there is some semblance of regimen still incorporated into our self-made schedules. The challenge is that more often than not the values of our youth are forgotten- but they shouldn’t be because they are a basic human need. Let’s stop letting them fall by the wayside and begin putting them where they should be. At the front of our minds and in our considerations of what a 24hr period looks like.

How about that?

  • Begin with sleep, when do you need to wake up? And then work backwards to see when you need to go to sleep. Aim for between 7-9 hours and you are guaranteed that your life will change. More energy, more brain power, and well rested.

  • Do you pass out even before hitting the pillow? Not me! Time to wind down is imperative. It won’t look like nursery rhymes and bedtime stories anymore, but you still can have a bedtime routine. Stop the screen time, go for a walk, pack your bag for the next day, choose the clothes your going to wear, and take a nice shower. Is your brain still on the move? Grab a book to start your R&R time.

  • Meal times. Are yours set? If not, take note of your body and your hunger cues for a day or two. When do you find yourself reaching for a snack? Do you get hangry mid-morning? Don’t let it get to that point. Eat within an hour or two of waking and drink 8oz right when you wake up! Pack a mid-morning snack- and make sure you have something in store for lunch. You might even need a snack in the afternoon to make it through the post-lunch-it’s-not-dinner-time-yet-stretch. But hey, if your getting enough sleep you’ll have all the brain power you need to have your meals planned for the day and something in store for dinner when you get home.

A regular regimen is something we all yearn to have. We need a sense of predictability for all our needs to be met. The routine can change with time, responsibilities, preferences, and efficiency. But have one. You’ll be glad you did. And your body- including your mind, and neshama will thank you.

Shabbat Shalom!


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