We absolutely love chickpeas! Anything to be able to eat them more...and we also love rice. Talk about a win-win dish!

~To be honest, I have a hard time following recipes, because I want the measurements to be merely suggestions! As result when I made this, I did not use: tikka masala, coriander, or cumin. I also did not have any fresh ginger on hand, but it tasted great! We added a bit of sriracha for those looking for a spicier taste.

We absolutely loved this recipe. Easy to prep & cook and oh so delicious. The perks are that it is highly versatile! Sub in any vegetables you like, and take it easy on the soy sauce if need be. If you don't have a grill- No Problem! Cook in the oven until tender.

This was a great experiment. For some reason once you put something in a dough pocket it just looks so tasty!

~Changes we made: SKIP THE CREAM CHEESE! We also used ground lamb instead of chicken, peas, onion, and garlic. The dough was easy enough to make, my recommendation is to make sure that you get it as thin as possible. It will make for a more enjoyable empanada!